​HAPPY CONSUMERS  helps companies to create the conditions for their customers' enchantment, transforming them into promoters. 

Thus, consumers increase their chance to have a pleasant shopping experience with confidence and serenity on all sales channels.

HAPPY CONSUMERS is a trusted third party. The company designs compensation solutions with brands, rewards for consumers.

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Our mission

HAPPY CONSUMERS provides companies with customized packages of our consulting services to help them to navigate smoothly through their multi-areas of Customers experience transformational efforts.

 We delivers a GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AWARD for the best companies focused on customers sustainably happiness.

A digital and collaborative platform helps customers to share experience and companies to get customers engagement.

Our clients are firms that are concerned about the quality of the customer experience and want to be more involved and  get promoters.

Advantage for companies

The GREAT CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE AWARD reinforces popular brands competitive advantage, their  reputation, profitability, organizational performance and their ability to retain customers and employees.

HAPPY CONSUMERS helps companies to engage the hearts of theirs customers to deliver a  great customers experience.

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Advantage for consumers

As a trusted third party, HAPPY CONSUMERS is also committed to consumers through mediation and compensation  co-designed with brands.

Consumers will be ensured to get a great customer experience from brands who provide customer-oriented strategy, continuously.

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